We are committed to Health and Safety and are constantly monitoring, reviewing and improving our procedures to reduce any possible hazards that may arise in the work place.

We are well aware of our legal obligations and regard safety as the most important factor within our business. Before any contract or cleaning task commences, full and comprehensive risk assessment is carried out.

We are fully insured and work carried out is done so following the latest health and safety legislations.

Both for our own benefit and our clients, we treat health & Safety with the utmost importance and believe that all precautions should be taken to prevent accidents. In fact assessing the work environment in order to prevent accidents of any sort should be regarded as one of the most important tasks in cleaning, as it is by nature a hazardous job.

We keep up to date with health and safety regulations and guidelines.

Health & Safety Legislation

In 2005/06 falls from height accounted for 46 fatal accidents at work and around 3350 major injuries. They remain the single biggest cause of workplace deaths and one of the main causes of major injury.

On 6th April 2005 the HSE published the new Work at Height Legislation, forcing decision makers to immediately review their present cleaning services. Under the directive, duty holders must make sure that their contractors, such as window cleaners, are conforming to the legislation. Even if this means amending their present working practices.

The legislation states that duty holders must ensure that:

If a risk assessment shows that a reasonable alternative method can be used, the alternative method must be used.

The new legislation also requires that you, the customer should ensure that any work carried out by a contractor you employ is complying with these regulations.

In summery. The customer must ensure that no work is carried out at height unless there is no other safe and practical way in which to carry out the job or you could be prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive.

Check your cleaner can provide you with a risk assessment and method statement and is compliant with WAHR. (Work at Height Regulations)

Risk Assessments. When we provide a quote we also do a risk assessment. A full documented risk assessment can be provided on request on acceptance of our quotation. Remember if there is an accident and no risk assessment has been provided – you are liable as the contractor is.

Public liability insurance. In line with current legislation we are insured for Public Liability.

When using Brightsure you can be confident that we comply with health and safety regulations.